Newsletter 2019-01-E: Application as European Capital of Culture 2025 – from Germany and Slovenia & Orchestra plenary, Erlangen, regulars’ table

Pozdravleni! Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,

the time has come. We are in 2019! This is not just any year: in 2019, to be exact by end of September, the first bid boods need to be handed in by all cities applying to become European Capital of Culture 2025. As you know, cities from both Germany and Slovenia will apply. This is a good opportunity to have a look what is happening in our “sister country” Slovenia and to briefly report about the applicants there.

We are happy to present our further website developments: we have internationalized. As of now, we also provide the main information in English and Slovenian.

A happy 2019 to all of you, we wish a nice read.


Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>> & pozdravljeni!

Leto 2019 ni  neko poljubno leto; za nas je posebno: konec septembra tega leta bodo namreč vložene prijavne knjige, tako imenovani »Bid Book«, za Evropsko prestolnico kulture 2025.

Kot veste, se potegujejo za ta naziv tako nemška kot tudi slovenska mesta. Za nas v Nemčiji je to dobra priložnost, da se pozanimamo za s tem povezane dogodke v Sloveniji. Zato bomo tu na kratko objavili najpomembnejše informacije o slovenskih mestih-kandidatih za takšno prestolnico.

Ponosni smo pa tudi, da bodo poslej na naši spletni strani na voljo najpomembnejše informacije tudi v slovenščini in angleščini.

Srečno leto 2019 in prijetno branje želi

A glimpse at the Slovenian landscape

At first glance, it seems to be quieter about the European Capital of Culture topic in Slovenia. The press seems to have a lesser degree of coverage. But, having a closer look, actually quite a lot is happening. Four cities of the small country have already decided to apply: The capital Ljubljana and near Kranj which it somewhat overshadows, also the tiny city of Lendava bordering Hungary and Croatia as well as Nova Gorica, a city that is actually half of a double-city formed together with Italian Gorizia with which and another city it has already created a joint metropolis with its own trans-border administrative body.
We present you some more information in our blog, albeit unfortunately only in a German language post.

When and where we publicly meet

Our next appointments are:

  • Wednesday, 30 January 2019, 20:00
    Orchestra plenary
    You need to register well in advance with Christian, (due to security requirements at the venue)
  • Thursday, 7 February 2019, 19:00
    2nd networking meeting in Erlangen
    Coworkingspace Kreativlabor Erlangen, Schiffstraße 7, Erlangen
  • Thursday, 21 February 2019, 19:00
    #NUE2025 regulars’ table
    Balazzo Brozzi, Hochstraße 2, Nürnberg

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