Newsletter 2019-03-E: Segregation and inclusion, photography plenary, regional conference, next meetings

Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,
remember late fall last year? That’s when we wrote about our visit to the inclusion conference. Yes, it’s a long time ago. But the topic remains as relevant as ever. And exactly, the title is not by accident. We observe exclusion and segregation in many places. It is an unpleasant experience for those affected. A wide variety of people are excluded, people distance themselves from them because they are different.
In other words: they are not included. This brings us to a picture drawn at the conference last year: Disability does not come from a person itself but rather from the society around the person:The person is not handicapped; we are disabling her or him.

If we manage to internalize this, we notice more quickly where it starts and happens. Frequently, we can also find remedies – even small steps can make a difference. We take up two practical topics below.
But evidently this is not everything we write about. Well, it’s best if you read yourself.

Photography plenary meeting

Where does professional photography stand today – in light of the potential cultural capital Nuremberg #NUE2025?
Let’s think together about where to head by 2025.

And how?

How can and will we present ourselves and our capabilities to a broad public?
Which ideas, which actions, which goals do we have?

To this end, we are holding a plenary session about photography on 25 April 2019 at 7 p.m. at p91, which is open for professional photographers from Nuremberg its surroundings.

We count on you!

Regional conference for Nuremberg 2025

For a long time we have been demanding that the application for the European Capital of Culture should be an application of the metropolis, not just by the political entity ‘city of Nuremberg’. Accordingly, we are pleased that representatives of the different places and groups were present at the regional conference, which took place on 15 February 2019 in Nuremberg. Nuremberg’s mayor, Mr. Maly, made a concrete proposal for a real participation of the different formal bodies and opened it up for discussion. The atmosphere was positive. At the same time, once again, it became obvious that the timetable for the first “bid book” is tight, and that the road to the Capital of Culture is long and demanding. Nevertheless, in view of the great opportunities, the following applies: let’s get going!

We have prepared a small report in our blog (German only), also linked there you can find a video by the city of Nuremberg (speaking in German only) with impressions.

Impulses towards inclusion

Can you imagine being impaired, what it is like to experience everyday life in our city with disabilities? To get to different places by wheelchair, for example from a train platform? What if the elevator is broken (once again)? (By the way, there are quite a few of them broken: the operator doesn’t plan for full availability but only for a high one).
What if you could not see?
Or if you would be unable to hear, for example the honking car in front?

There are apps for two of the topics mentioned that help people with disabilities to get along faster and better in everyday life:

  • wheelmap shows how easy it is to reach public places with a wheelchair
  • be my eyes connects the blind and people with very poor vision to people who can see well and who are willing support them using a video call.

You know other great solutions? Write us an email and we will collect and share the information!
And be sure to try out what it would be like if…

Calling you!

It would be really great if could briefly offer some time. A brief moment suffices.
We need you! Every single one of you. Yes, exactly you!
For the “Capital of Culture” to become something excellent, it must be the capital of the many (and also the few). It must become everyone’s city. And quite honestly: until we are all united, we are still too few.
That’s why we have a request for you: think about how you can introduce the topic to three people who are as different as possible from you. What keeps them busy? What keeps their mind occupied? What do they want?
We don’t expect everyone to dedicate their spare time to #NUE2025. We want you to make your own ideas audible, readable, visible. If you like, gladly with us.


Our next meetings are:

  • Thursday, 21 March 2019, 19:00-22:00
    Regulars’ table (#NUE2025 Stammtisch)
    Balazzo Brozzi, Hochstraße 2, 90429 Nuremberg
  • Thursday, 25 April 2019, 19:00
    Photography plenary meeting (for professional photographers)
    P91, Pirckheimerstraße 91, 90409 Nuremberg