Newsletter 2019-02-E: Your question to the city. Open Call, 2nd round, gameON2025, retrospective orchestra plenary and Erlangen meeting

Dear <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>,

the city – it’s not just a city or any city, it is our city.

Do we really know it? Do we understand it? How do our fellow citizens see it? And what do they think about it? Which projects can we run to advance city life? Which questions could we ask our city and its residents?

Well, we do have some ideas…

Happy reading and stimulating thoughts!

#NueFragt – Your question to the city

What do you ask yourself and your fellow citizens regarding the city, culture, the European Capital of Culture application or everyday life in our metropolis?

We are as curious as you are about the dynamics the question will develop and about who will answer and what. Will people dare to reply? Well, the question itself is valuable. All of us together will ignite further thinking and reflection. Small videos will wander through social media.

We would like to better understand what moves you. We would like to know more about our city and our relation to it. Questions stimulate, open topics and thoughts. They enable us to create small triggers and impulses for many many people.

We will post little videos starring a sheet with a question. We will share them on social media. The videos should be created by diverse people at different places. 30 seconds suffice. Your phone is the only tool you need. Share the video on social media and tag it with #NueFragt. If you like, you can also email it to We will share it in our network, you share it with your friends. Our joint message will then travel the infinite net in form of a question.

We will share instructions on our next meetings, alternatively, feel free to participate online.

A little more information, exemplary questions and a sheet with our logo can be found at:

Now then, what will you ask the city? And where will you ask the question?

Our topics and meetings:
retrospective and outlook

Orchestra plenary

A meeting to open new channels and to see how the orchestra scene identifies with the European Capital of Culture application process. How can the scene actively trigger and shape it? It may seem music is somewhat neglected at the moment. However, on this meeting with 15 people from professional and other orchestras, it was clearly in focus. The big events such as the Klassik Open Air are publicly seen and noticed, are a good start. But we want more, e.g. people could come to dress rehearsals.
We need youth orchestras to enable young musicians to stay here after school. Music needs to be presented in a way to be fun. We need a culture of facilitation. We need to play at different venues, not least to reach new audiences. Within the application process a two day program and a community orchestra could reach out and connect with people. The discussion was intense and has just started. The group will continue both virtually and in person – and is open for further interested people and actives at any time.
You can find more details in the proceedings (German only). Take it up and join the action!

2nd Erlangen meeting

A rather small but very engaged group discussed the different players in the application process (amongst others, the difference between the bid office N2025 and us, #NUE2025). Once again, we have seen how difficult it is to get a full picture of the ongoing projects, but also the challenge of finding fellow campaigners. Can an exchange platform help? We are continuing to look for good ideas (let us know if you have suggestions!).
Another big topic: the participants’ projects. Intensifying the network of creatives in the region, a festival on the occasion of the tearing down of the Berlin wall and language with its roots and implications on today’s everyday life have been discussed.
More information in the summary (German only).

Open call, 2nd batch

The application bureau for the ESoC application calls for project proposals within the second Open Call. Once again, projects are supported with up to 5000 Euro. This time, a jury will choose three projects, while seven projects will be elected by the citizens. These projects will be implemented in 2019 / 20. Submitted projects should deal with the topics of the Capital of Culture application (cf. German language press release):

  • embracing humanity – (humanity as measure – Menschlichkeit als Maß)
  • exploring reality – (the world as mission – Welt aus Aufgabe)
  • evolving community – (together as objective – Miteinander als Ziel)

Further information, participant conditions and project submission at


We live in a gaming metropolis. Sometimes we may have thought that intra-metropolis collaboration it’s not as active any more, but this project shows how alive it is.
Cities of the region joined efforts to create gameON2025. The collaboration shows how different municipalities of our metropolis can collaborate in favour or the European Capital of Culture application.
Young people will build a digital game, virtually but at the same time connected to different places in the region.
You may find more information on (German only, unfortunately).

Next meetings

  • Thursday, 21 February 2019, 19-22
    Regulars’ table (#NUE2025 Stammtisch)
    Balazzo Brozzi, Hochstraße 2, Nuremberg