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#NUE2025 is organized as an informal initiative. You become a member by avowing our goals and subscribing to our updates. Here is how it’s done:


  1. Become a member

Subscribe to our mailing list: you will then automatically receive our Newsletter and will be counted as a member, but incur no further rights and duties by doing that.

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Earlier Newsletters are available in our archive: the English Newsletter archive, the German Newsletter archive (both external links which open in a new tab/window).

Please note: while we offer an English Newsletter version, its frequency and scope are more limited than for the corresponding German versions. Therefore: if you understand some German, please register for the German version; most meetings will only be announced in the German Newsletter and on our German site for dates.


If you are an association or company, please also drop us a line via email to show your affiliation. We are glad to hear who will be our primary contact.


  1. Participate

Come to our events! Our meetings are regular and open to everybody. They are at different places in and around Nuremberg. All appropriate dates are published in time online and in our Newsletter (primarily in the German one).

You will find the information about the European Capital of Culture, the application process and our work to date on the learn more page.


  1. Get involved

Come in, we are open!

We are open for your topic; we are open to your activities. Talk to us, so we can jointly figure out best how to support each other. We are delighted to see new partners who can organize topic meetings.

You have a topic and look for fellow-actives? We will connect you wherever we can.

Everybody does what (s)he thinks is best for the topic. All such activities taken together, will empower for Nuremberg to become the European Capital of Culture 2025!


  1. Share

Spread the word: Nuremberg should be European Capital of Culture 2025!


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